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ISSIE 2011 is affiliated with the IEEE 2011 International Conference on Intelligence and Security Informatics (


september 16, 2010

    Due to significant advancement in computer hardware/software technology and automated data collection systems, there are tremendous opportunities for interdisciplinary research in combining quantitative modeling (e.g., statistics, data mining, machine learning, simulation, and operation research) with technology-driven engineering and domain knowledge to make significant scientific, social, and economic impacts. How to model, extract, and make use the hidden knowledge based on the domain knowledge and the vast data sources to improve overall system performance, maintainability, and adaptability, poses many research and practical challenges, defying the state of the art methodological frameworks, algorithms, and systems design and implementation principles. The purpose of the International Symposium series on System Informatics and Engineering (ISSIE) is to bring together researchers and practitioners interested in the theory and applications of system-driven knowledge discovery and design/operations improvement in a wide range of domains and discipline.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to

  ♦System informatics principles and methods

  ♦Informatics-driven system engineering methods and applications

  ♦Data mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence

  ♦Quality and reliability informatics and engineering

  ♦System and network security

  ♦Prognostics and system health management

  ♦Bioinformatics, health and medical informatics

  ♦Industrial informatics and control

  ♦Forecasting techniques and applications

  ♦Data-driven business intelligence and customer relation management